How to Organize your Home to support Working from Home

How to Organize your Home to support Working from Home


To ensure your personal safety and of your family members, most “homes” now also double as your “home offices”. It is, therefore, important to have a dedicated WFH space to help you focus on your work and support an appropriate ambiance to make video calls.

A Dedicated Working Space

For people who take their work seriously and need a lot of focus, we recommend adding a dedicated workspace which, in addition to, being peaceful, will not be constantly disturbed by other members of your household to enhance concentration. The curtains within the space or area may be contrasted with timeless neutral tones like cream-brown tones which will lend a more warm and serene ambiance to the room.

Sit and Work on Your Favorite Sofa

People who are tired of the monotony on their work desk may opt for a favorite sofa in their living room where they can simultaneously work or catch up on their favorite series or TV shows. The room’s ambiance can be adorned with more details to make it look attractive, colorful, outstanding, and eye-catching, by adding a playful touch to the curtains. Add additional decorative accessories such as hooks and cords, curtains, drapes, fringes, and ropes.

When the Bedroom also doubles as an Office

As if working in the living room isn’t cool enough, working on your bed would be much more cooler. For those who like to lay back and work at the same time, their main obstacle would be their sleepiness. Therefore, decorative ideas for the bedroom during WFH should include increasing the brightness of the room. Choosing sheer or translucent curtains can be of great help in reducing drowsiness while working.