Visit “Siangthai & Sons” Showroom, and explore what we have to offer

Visit “Siangthai & Sons” Showroom, and explore what we have to offer

Visit “Siangthai & Sons” Showroom, and explore what we have to offer

Home is where the heart is, therefore, creating a beautiful interior atmosphere is like taking care of the owner’s heart. Here at “Siangthai & Sons”, we recognize the significance of this aspect and have given full emphasis to developing our core business of designing and installing curtains where it has resulted in a comprehensive interior design showroom. So, let’s take a look at what type of services that “Siangthai & Sons” showroom currently offers.

• Siangthai & Sons 

We provide services in the design and installation of curtains, furniture, upholsteries, sofa, interior design, and maintenance work, with more than 60 years of experience.

We are not just about curtains!

Let’s explore “Siangthai & Sons” showroom and see what’s on offer.

Curtains and Upholsteries

The charm of curtains and upholsteries is to create a mood & tone for the desired ambiance. At “Siangthai & Sons”, we have conducted extensive studies and selected fabric patterns until we discovered unique designs that are filled with a classic and popular aura. Whether it is a luxurious and majestic Louis-pattern fabric, Damask patterns inspired by plants, stripe and plain basic patterns that are neat and easy on the eyes, or sheer fabrics. Or even if you need unique designs, “Siangthai & Sons” is ready to meet your needs as well.


In addition to curtain patterns, small elements like accessories are just as important. At “Siangthai & Sons”, we also provide design and installation services for tassels, trims and fringes, decorative ropes, curtain rails, curtain clips, and curtain brass hooks, etc., to enhance the beauty of curtain installations.


Although the furniture was invented to facilitate convenience, but beautiful designs can help bring on contentment and reflect each owner’s unique personality. At “Siangthai & Sons”, we tie in our interior work and use it to further develop furniture design techniques, such as sofas, stools, wing chairs, armchairs, and upholstered chairs. Presently, we can design furniture according to the customer’s body shape, in addition to, help restore your furniture to look new. You can put your complete trust in our comprehensive services.

Decorations and Treatments

Here at “Siangthai & Sons”, we never overlook the intricate details of any interior work. In addition to the main products mentioned above, we also provide pillow designs to match the furniture, wall tapestries, wall hanging artwork, and other valuable home furnishings. We also provide consulting services on how to maintain your valuable home furniture pieces to make them last for a long time and eliminate issues of frequent repair costs

Customer Services

Customer satisfaction is our happiness. You can be assured of our full range of services upon arrival at our showroom. At “Siangthai & Sons”, we are more than happy to provide you with valuable advice, starting from the design stage, making cost-effective material choices, installation work to suit the location, right up to following up on the work, in order to create the perfect work that meets your needs.

Whenever you are thinking of designing a dream home, put your trust in “Siangthai & Sons” to take care of all your interior needs.