Cords or curtain strings, are also classified as another type of decorative item that will enhance the charm of the window curtains. It not only helps to keep the curtain edges elegant and organized, but can also be used to help align the curtains to the edge of the window in a layer of folds. Additionally, the cord will help to make the curtain pleats appear like a large ornamental frame to the view outside the window. Beautiful cord strands with alternating or contrasting colors can also be wrapped around the curtains to add fascination and charm.

The cords can often be seen in various curtain designs and Louis-styled curtains, where classic luxury designs are needed. At Siangthai & Sons, we have a variety of “twisted cords” or “fancy cords” for you to choose from. All of our twisted cord products are imported and are of premium quality and design. We have a wide selection of sizes to choose from, starting from a small diameter of 1.00 and 1.40 cm., right up to a large 2.00 and 2.40 cm.