Here at Siangthai & Sons 1952, we pay close attention to every detail when it comes to curtain designs, and tassels are items that we have also never overlooked. Curtain tassels or drapery cords are used to add elegance, beauty, and perfection to the curtains. These include Louis-styled curtains, pleated curtains, blackout curtains, or even sheer curtains. The tassels can also help turn the home’s atmosphere into a formal or warm atmosphere to welcome guests, or help diversify it into various moods according to the occupants’ requirements.

Curtain tassels are known by many names, such as curtain ties, drapery cords, curtain tiebacks, etc. In addition to having an enchanting design, it goes on to show on how the homeowner is also detail-oriented.

At Siangthai & Sons, we have a wide selection of curtain tassels and styles to choose from, such as finely woven tassels with knobs or crystals made from high quality synthetic fibers, which are not only attractive but also durable.