At Siangthai & Sons 1952, we have a large selection of high quality “wooden blinds” to choose from. You can choose from a wide selection of colors and finishes based according to your desired style. Wooden blinds control the amount of light in the room are easy to install and make the room feel modern, warm and private. Choose dark wood tones to create an atmosphere that is close to nature, or if you like an fresh airy mood, we recommend light tones such as beech wood or white, etc. The blinds are suitable for homes, offices, or general home offices, and standard width sizes range from 25, 35, and 50 mm.



This type of blind combines the advantages of pleated curtains and wooden blinds. However, the basic operating structure of this blind consist of a horizontal opening-closing mechanism to control the amount of light. This type of blind is suitable for large and wide window openings, or sliding glass windows, or a glass enclosed room such as a greenhouse. Common vertical blinds sizes are 35 and 50 mm.



Suitable for window openings that are small and not too wide. This type of blind is usually mounted vertically. The blinds is distinctive as the amount of natural light can be controlled by just pulling the rope up and down to open or close the blinds.



Roller blinds are considered as the most convenient, quick working, and most economical type of blind, among all other curtain types. Their advantages include being convenience / quick and easy to use, easy to maintain, and can be widely opened to allow more light into the room when compared to other types of curtains. In addition, the structure of this type of blind uses less storage space.

At Siangthai & Sons 1952, we offer a comprehensive range of services ranging from on-site measurement, design, sewing, right up to supervision of the installation of both the roller and rope blinds, and the electric motors. You can be assured of the quality and the associated services.