Unique curtain designs with a difference can also be made with the addition of curtain trimmings. These trimmings can help add more charm to every type of curtain, whether it is pleated curtains, Louis-styled curtains, ribbed curtains, folding curtains, curtain boxes, as well as, tassels. These options can help enhance the attractiveness in more ways that you can think of. Additionally, they can also help to make the home’s interior look tidier. Curtain trimmings are also suitable as a decorative item for small or large pieces of furniture, such as wall coverings, headboards, bedspreads, piano covers, including pillows, cushions, chairs, and various other furniture items.

We select the highest quality products, such as only the best thread textures and apply fineness into our weaving process, making our products more durable and non-fading, which sets us apart from other general products that are available in the market. At Siangthai & Sons, we have a wide variety of curtain trimmings to suit every style of curtains.