Decorative Pillows / Throw Pillows, at Siangthai & Sons 1952, can be designed and personally tailored according to each individual needs and sizes. Customers can choose the firmness and softness of every pillow or seat cushion according to their requirements. Our pillows are unique and use our specially printed fabrics specific only to Siangthai and Sons 1952. We take into account the softness of the touch, as well as, apply exquisite tailoring process by choosing the appropriate fabric pattern and size to match every piece of furniture. Each decorative pillow at Siangthai and Sons all have a unique design which cannot be found anywhere else.

Decorative pillows, besides creating comfort for homeowners, are also indispensable items that keeps your furniture interesting and warm. It can enhance a room’s atmosphere to perfection in each and every corner of the room. Standard sizes include 30”x30”, 40”x40”, 50”x50”, and 60”x60”.