Sheer curtains, or sometimes known as “light curtains”, are an extension similar to a window or a link between the home’s interior and exterior. Sheer curtains will reduce the amount of light and also help to shade your room from the morning or evening glares, while still letting sufficient brightness through. The curtains’ translucent property does not allow the room to go completely dark. By just opening the thick curtains while keeping a layer of the sheer curtains closed will enable you to filter out the brightness while still allowing a soft light to enter the room.

Sheer curtains can also be used to create the perfect privacy space within your home. In addition to helping control the brightness and create privacy, it is capable of creating a soft and pleasant atmosphere, or space that do not require much privacy. Choosing the perfect sheer curtain design can be compared to a picture frame that can add class and attractiveness to your window anytime, or anywhere.