Various types of fabrics express your own personal style

Various types of fabrics express your own personal style.

Fabric work is indispensable in every home decoration, as it is an important element in creating the perfect ambiance. The characteristics of the selected fabric can effectively set the appropriate mood and tone and reflect the true identity of the homeowner. So, let’s take a look at all the available fabric products that we have.

No matter what style of home you want to decorate, make choices from a variety of fabric styles that we have, or maybe design a new patterned fabric design that expresses your personality, “Siangthai & Sons” is more than happy to provide you with recommendations and comprehensive service.

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Curtain Fabrics

In addition to helping to prevent sunlight and conceal from external prying eyes, the installation of curtains is also one of the most important aspects of a home’s decorative work as different colors and patterns create a variety of feelings. At “Siangthai & Sons”, we have an extensive range of curtains for you to choose from, whether it is a luxury looking Louis-pattern, Damask-pattern inspired by plants, or even basic pattern and plain designs, arranged in an orderly manner to help the room look spacious and soothing to the eyes.

Sheer Fabrics

Another type of curtain that is equally popular are sheer curtains, which consist of thin fabrics and patterns, to help conceal from prying eyes and at the same time allowing people inside the house to view the outside scenery, it also gives a warm and soft feeling.

Upholstery Fabrics

To maintain the attractiveness and durability of your furniture pieces, choosing upholstery fabrics is therefore also essential. This is especially important for upholsteries at “Siangthai & Sons” where we only use fabrics that are flexible, durable, and easy to maintain. We have an extensive variety of designs to choose from, from Louis-patterns that enhances the looks of the furniture pieces, classic floral patterns that adds a touch of vintage, or even popular basic patterns suitable for modern home decors.

Curtains and blinds

An alternate option that can be used to block sunlight and prying eyes are curtains and blinds that use drawstrings to fold them up. They are simple in design and easy to maintain. At “Siangthai & Sons”, we have several types for you to choose from distinct modern roman blinds which can be easily rolled up to save space, to light controlling vertical blinds, that are capable of adjusting the light intensity as needed.