4 Reasons why customers trust in “Siangthai & Sons”

4 Reasons why customers trust in “Siangthai & Sons”

“Furthermore… to understanding the work, is our perception of your needs…”

 4 Reasons why customers trust in “Siangthai & Sons”

How beautiful a home’s ambiance is will depend entirely on who was assigned to create it. Here at “Siangthai &  Sons”, we have progressed from the business of installing curtains into becoming one of the classic furniture experts. What are the reasons why several customers have put their trust in us? Let’s take a look.

“Siangthai &  Sons” thank you for all of your confidence that has driven us to become a leader in curtain design and classic style furniture. You can be assured that our hand-crafted work will be a one-of-a-kind treasure for that dream home that was built particularly just for you.

• Siangthai & Sons

We provide services in the design and installation of curtains, furniture, upholsteries, sofa, interior design, and maintenance work, with more than 60 years of experience.

  1. More experience
    As “Siangthai &  Sons” is considered to be the first provider in curtain design and classic style furniture in Thailand, our extensive experience has led to producing countless works, from small scale to invaluable works in national landmarks.

Above all, “Siangthai &  Sons” has never ignored difficult and challenging tasks. On the contrary, the tasks we aspire to require highly skilled craftsmanship. Because for us, every experience that comes through helps to refine our ideas to stay sharp and modern at all times.

  1. Unique designs
    “Siangthai &  Sons” long journey on this route has provided us with the opportunity to select unique fabric patterns and earned us a solid reputation and trust in the industry. “Siangthai &  Sons” is, therefore, able to import fabrics that guarantee Exclusive Fabric quality. You can be confident that every piece of our work is created from attractive and unique fabrics.
  2. Recognized quality
    Besides the attractiveness, product quality is also another aspect in which “Siangthai & Sons” has considered to be important. We, therefore, select fabrics that are woven with special techniques which makes them last longer and able to show them off at your home for a longer time.
  3. Delivering superior service directly to your home
    One of the aspects that differentiate “Siangthai & Sons” is our delivery service directly to your homes, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic where a lot of customers may not be able to travel to our showroom. Just contact us and our team, and “Siangthai & Sons” will dispatch a group of our experts to meet you at your location, ready to provide advice based on the actual work.

We understand our customer’s needs.
Design work is never completed if the customer’s needs are not completely met. At “Siangthai & Sons”, we believe that trying to learn the individuality of each customer will allow us to create the work that best meets their needs. Once we understand the wishes of our customers, “Siangthai & Sons” will sincerely provide advice to every customer by taking into account the benefits that they will receive and the perfection of the work that will be created.